We Choose to Go to the Moon

by Revolution, I Love You

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"Revolution, I Love You is deconstructed pop music...Costello and the Boss and Phil Spector sucked through a rusty filter of industrialized, hipster dance music." - Origivation Magazine

We Choose to Go to the Moon, the debut full-length album from electronic indie-rockers Revolution, I Love You, is an experiment in pop music. R,ILY culls elements from across the pop spectrum, gritty indie rock guitars, dance and hip hop beats, dramatic choruses, loops, and synthesizers, and uses them to strange and sometimes psychedelic effect.


released August 5, 2011

All tracks were recorded and produced by Robert Lindgren and Jason Reynolds in a Delaware basement and a Philadelphia bedroom. Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Studios.

Artwork by Bonaia Rosado



all rights reserved


Revolution, I Love You Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Revolution, I Love You makes experimental alt-pop, merging fuzzy guitars and dramatic choruses with a backbone of live drums, electronic beats, and buzzing bass. Katrina Murray of The Key (WXPN) says, “Crunchy synth work and loud guitar riffs are central to Revolution, I Love You‘s modern twist on classic rock ‘n roll.” ... more


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Track Name: Graceful Steps
I’ve got two dirty soles
Worn through with ragged holes
But they protect my head
From this concrete bed

Most days they’re not so close
But now they rub my nose
With the stink and crumbs of streets
Where I left you to sleep

I’m not sure if I would
I’m not sure if I’d ever help me
If I were standing where you are
I’m not sure if I’d do
The same thing that I’m asking you
But I sure hope I would

Look at the shape they’re in
Dirt-caked and wearing thin
But they still might manage yet
A couple graceful steps
Track Name: Dry Your Eyes, Kid
In a summer top, on an empty beach
She clutches her bite-marked pen between her teeth
And presses her back into the sticks and reeds
She gathered in romantic mimicry

Just let it go
Oh, I know it hurts
But let it go
It’s hard to admit you’re not as tragic as you think

Her open notebook lies between her feet
she squeezes her eyes shut tight so all she sees
are bursts of red and gold that flicker in the heat
while empty pages shuffle in the breeze
Track Name: I Won't Be Still
Sometimes it rumbles and sometimes it flows
so quiet you hardly notice
But it’s still pulling on me
But it’s still pulling on me

With every breath I sing, I start to slip
It sucks the air from my slightly parted lips,
cool and rushing so fast it makes me sick
I can’t stop this

If I could calm down, if only I could calm down
If I could calm down, if only I could calm down

But I can’t, I won’t be still
I can’t, I won’t be still

You know I need to (na na na na)
sing so hard that it shakes me apart
This pulsing breastbone won’t make amends,
it just quickens
Track Name: With Anxious Smiles and Fitful Swaying
With anxious smiles and fitful swaying
You stare like this is just a show
You tap your toes in weak atonement
But I refuse to dance alone

Move your little hips, move your little hips girl
I can’t do this on my own

Our skin will flush with wine and shaking
Unashamed we’ll twist and moan
We’ll stomp our feet like slaves and pagans
But I can’t do this on my own
Track Name: Not So Sure
I told myself that with you gone now I could write more
I told myself that I’ve been waiting for years
I told myself all the things that you wouldn’t let me get to, I’d get to
I told myself I wouldn’t just sit around thinking about you
I guess I was wrong

Can you hear me out?
I’m not so sure anymore

I’ll get up out of the house and make myself some new friends
Something I haven’t done for years
I’m not sure that I know what to do when I’m making new friends
When they ask what I’m thinking do I just keep my mouth shut?

Can you hear me out?
I’m not so sure anymore
Track Name: Anthem Underground
A dozen starts, a dozen stops
Just like one man getting beat down
by one half a dozen cops
Having trouble getting himself off the ground
Just like my vain attempt at an anthem underground

Bloodied fists and ziptied wrists,
like a Hefty bag, or holy rag
or paper in the wastebasket
Covered with my clever turns of phrase
and puns on The Internationale

Bandit faces lacking graces
chase the steps of older blood
and fall down in their paces
Impertinent and insolent
and beaten where they sit
their mouths are full of gravel
and I’m just full of shit
Track Name: All Your Love
All your love…
makes me want to be the one and only thing you think about as you go to sleep
All your love…
makes me want to run out through the cold and rain to catch a bus that’s headed toward your city
All your love…
makes me wonder if there’s any other way to feel but the way that I feel
All your love…
makes me ache for wanting you to want me like I’ve always wanted you
All your love…
makes me wonder just how cool this winter draft would feel if your pillow wasn’t cold
All your love…
makes me shake and cry and feel my body pull away those nights I can’t get you off my mind
All your love…
You should’ve kept it to yourself

You should’ve kept it to yourself
Track Name: Just a Hopeful Boy
If you don’t wanna go for a ride, Love I understand I’m not your man
Just a hopeful boy, who really wants to hold your hand.